Medical Assessments Offered By Pier Street Medical Centre

Pier Street Medical Perth caters for a wide array of pre-employment medicals. With comprehensive and tailored medicals that are suitable for specific organisations and individuals, Pier Street Medical will cater for all jobs and tasks that require a medical.

Our efficient and highly accredited team ensures that you or members of your staff are performing their tasks at the peak of their health and wellbeing. We are trained in assisting employers as they make the most well informed decision regarding hiring an employee based on their health and fitness information.

Pier Street Medical can assist your organisation in ensuring that all legislative and legal requirements associated with occupational health and wellbeing are being met. Furthermore, by conducting pre-employment medical assessments and driver’s license assessments with Pier Street Medical, you are ensuring that both the employer and the employee are protected from unnecessary harm, injuries, or legal action.

We are pleased to offer you a prompt service and endeavour to have your pre-employment results returned to you, on the same day of service.  We are conveniently located opposite the NIB Stadium in Perth and ample parking is available.

For more information about our Employment Medical Examinations, please call us on 08 6222 6622.

A list of our comprehensive medical services are listed below:

• Medical Assessment Level 1
• Medical Assessment Complex
• Audiometry
• Spirometry
• Instant Drug Screen
• Drug & Alcohol Assessment
• Musculoskeletal Assessment

Specialised Medicals:

• Commercial Driver’s License Assessment
• Shot Firers Medical
• Dangerous Goods Medical
• Asbestos Medical


• Full Functional Capacity Assessment
• Chest X-Ray
• Lifestyle Questionnaire
• Fatigue Management

Before attending your medical, please fill in the following Medical Form. You may either fill in the form online, or download the form below and email or fax to reception (6222 6611).

Medical Assessment Level 1Medical Assessment on Pier Street Medical paperwork$130
Medical Assessment ComplexComprehensive Medical Assessment on Company specific paperwork$140
AudiometryAudio assessment including legislative lodgement where applicable$57
SpirometryLung Function Assessment$57
Instant Drug ScreenInstant test cup$66
Drug and Alcohol AssessmentLaboratory assessment of urine$66
Musculoskeletal AssessmentConducted by specialised staff to assess muscle strength, flexibility and function$93.50
GCMSGas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry - lab based confirmation of non-negative DNA screen by a Certified Laboratory$103
LCMSLiquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry - lab based confirmation of non-negative DNA screen by a Certified Laboratory$120
Commercial Driver’s LicenseMedical on Government of WA Department of Commerce specific paperwork plus audio$132
Shot firers MedicalMedical assessment on client paperwork plus audio$177
Dangerous Goods MedicalMedical assessment on client paperwork plus audio$177
Asbestos MedicalMedical assessment level 1, plus x-ray and spiro$287
Full Functional Capacity AssessExtended assessment by our Physiotherapist$120
Chest X-RayFor diagnosis of conditions of the thoracic cavity$110
ECGElectrocardiograph for non-invasive recording of electrical activity of the heart$75
Lifestyle QuestionnaireK10, Epworth scale$25
Fatigue ManagementFatigue management assessment$45
Weekend Callout Fee$120
No Show Fee$75

Prices listed are subject to change without prior notification. Services will be charged at prices in effect on the day.